St Cloud Dry Basement

Dimple board is used to control water on your basement foundation.

Some people don't realize the amount of damage water in your basement can cause.

We can show you how a French drain system can help keep the water out of your basement.

Gorilla wall braces are easy to install and will do wonders for supporting your home.

Basement waterproofing is easier when you have the right products from a company that can tell you just what you need.

If you don't have a sump pump, you are just not aware of the problems you could be facing.

Our home waterproofing kits come in 4 foot lengths to control your water leaks.

Don't wait until you have a foot of water in your basement before you look into waterproofing solutions.

We have waterproofing systems that can be put on finished basement walls to keep them safe.

03/09/17 08:00:34 AM

Keeping your basement dry and comfortable is something we can do with our many waterproofing products.

03/07/17 03:19:52 PM

Mold can turn into a very big problem if you let it grow and don't remove it.

03/06/17 10:02:16 AM

If the drain tile around the outside of your home is not in tact, you will end up with water leaking through the basement floors or walls. Keeping the water out of your basement in the first place is better and cheaper than having to repair your basement after a flood.

03/04/17 07:14:19 PM

It's a smart idea to do everything you can to make sure your basement walls and floors are waterproofed.

03/03/17 03:30:50 AM

In order to put a Gorilla wall brace system in your basement, you will not need to excavate the outside of your house.

03/01/17 08:39:09 AM

Having a sump pump in your basement to steer water away from your home is a good idea.

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